Chinese is so easy … and so difficult!

  1. The grammar is simple and intuitive,
  2. A small number of characters is far enough for the daily use,
  3. Writing is not anymore an issue with computers.

However, even the advanced speaker will feel difficult to read and understand completely Chinese news or specific reports. And as your social network will increase in China, you will discover it is hard to understand really the conversation between Chinese!


  1. 5,000 relatively common characters to learn is a quite difficult work!
  2. Many proverbs (成语, 歇后语,…) are commonly used.
  3. Many cultural references (典故, 诗词,…) …
  4. And so many foreign names to learn in Chinese!

A complete new world, its own food, its own culture…

How ownote will help you? Ownote is designed to help you:

1. Support you in reading:
- Just click on a word to read its definition and save it in your words list,
- Segment the text into words to clarify the structure,
- Ask a question to the forum if it is still unclear.
2. Your own vocabulary list:
- Review all the words or expressions you saved,
- … and the original context where you have seen them.
- Accessible from any device
3. Select you interesting articles:
- Be subscribed to different news feeds that ownote updates:
  • * News headlines,
  • * Selection of insightful articles from Chinese medias
  • * and many cultural themes (food, proverbs, history,…)
- Save the texts you want and share them with other