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------------------ "User's Manual" ------------------

Ownote proposes every member to manage their shared texts under different lists or channels.

Each member can create as many lists as he wants and controls their access rights to other members.
We advice that the texts under a same channel share all common elements:
- They could be related to a same theme or
- They are specifically for a private group of members (if you are a teacher) ...

In this section, you can do the following:

1. Set up you preferences as a reader:
You can search for a channel or a member and select different lists you are interested in.
Click on a box representing a member and you will see his different lists. At any time, you will be able to cancel your subscription to a list of your selection.
All the texts will appear under "My favorites".

2. Set up you lists to share as a writer:
You can create new lists and manage the access rights.
There is basically 3 modes:
- free,
- protected by a password (for some members you already know outside Ownote) or
- needing a confirmation by e-mail.

3. Manage your profile:
You can update it in order to let other members to better know your interests and to understand your language abilites.

Thanks for using and contributing to Ownote!